Engineered Stone Panel Technology

Learn about our product and how it differs from traditional masonry methods.

Our Outdoor Kitchens, Fire Features and Water Features are stronger, lighter, frameless and more realistic than traditional methods of Outdoor Living Structures.

We use a patented, proprietary blend of concrete, fiberglass and polymers which is poured into our stone faced molds to create precast engineered stone panels. Our panels look and feel like real stone without the weight, cost, and instability of natural stones and boulders.

The panels are delivered to the job site where we assemble them by seaming the walls together with a wet mix of the same product which chemically bonds to itself. The corners are then textured to match the stone pattern for a seamless look.

Our fiber-reinforced, polymeric concrete material is resistant to external influences such as impacts, freeze/thaw , extreme heat, humidity, weathering, and abrasion.

Countertops for our Kitchens and Fire Features are made from the same material that is integrally colored and sealed for a smooth finish.

This product and process takes much less time than conventional methods, creates little to no disruption on your property and has a lifetime warranty on the structure and panel product.